Podcasts are audio programs (like radio programs) that are distributed through the internet. They can be received by downloading them from the creaters' websites or from aggregators like Apple's Itunes. They can be listened to using either the computer used to locate them or can be moved off the computer to a portable audio player (mp3 player), like the Ipod shown here. Many newer cell phones have mp3 playback capability, so they can be used to listen to podcasts.

Example pic

Here are some of the podcasts I regularly listen to, by "genre".

  • Left wing or Libertarian
The Tin Foil Hat Show
Blast the Right
The Rude Guy
Wake Up America
  • Tech news and current events
The BBC World Tech Podcast
CNET Buzz Out Loud
Tech News Today
This Week in Tech
  • Hacking and network security
Hacker Public Radio
Paul Dot Com Security Weekly

The Network Security Podcast
Security Now
  • Amateur (Ham) Radio
The ARRL Letter
The ICQ Podcast
The Low SWR Podcast
The SolderSmoke Podcast
Teen Radio Journey
  • Linux and Open Source
Linux Basement
The Changelog
Distrowatch Weekly
FLOSS Weekly
Going Linux
Linux in the Ham Shack
Kernel Panic Podcast
Linux Outlaws
The Software Freedom Law Show (also Free as in Freedom)
The Linux Link Tech Show
  • Science
The Groks Science Show
Dr. Kiki's Science Hour
The Mr. Science Show
CBC Quirks and Quarks
NPR Science Friday

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